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What is Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine is a concept that is performed by the Virtual Machine Operating System, in which the same machine (machine) appears to function like many machines (machine). So we can say that the virtual machine is a concept, which creates the illusion of the existence of many actual machines in the place of only one actual machine. You can compare this type of illusion with the telephone line, which has different conversations simultaneously on the same wire. Generally, in virtual machines, different users can run their own operating system on one hardware and it is mostly used on the web server, also called Virtual Private Server.What is Virtual Machine 
To understand the concept of a virtual machine, let's take a look at the Conventional Multi-programming System and Virtual Machine Multi-programming. The picture below shows the Conventional Multiprogramming System and Virtual Machine Multiprogramming.
Virtual machine

In the Conventional Multiprogramming system, more than one process is distributed among the same real machine resources, whereas in the virtual multiprogramming system, the real machine makes the illusion of having more than one virtual machine where each virtual machine has its own virtual processor and storage and input/output devices. Process scheduling is done for this and the technique used is called Virtual Memory Organization.

Virtual machine

Usage and advantage of a virtual machine:

  • Different users can run unequal (dissimilar) operating systems simultaneously.
  • Removes the certain conversion problem.
  • Due to being compatible, other machines have the facility to execute a dependent program.
  • Because each virtual machine is completely different from each other, system resources are completely secure.
  • The resources used for any virtual machine can be reduced or increased anytime.

Process Scheduling in Virtual Machine :

Virtual machines are created by sharing physical computers resources. The scheduling of the CPU is such that every user feels that they are using their own processor. Thus users are provided with their own virtual machines and users can run software on their own virtual machines.

Virtual machine monitor:

The virtual machine monitor is called the heart of the virtual machine operating system. Virtual machine monitor creates a virtual machine as a real copy of the real machine whose hardware, user/kernel mode, input/output (I / O) ), Interrupts, etc. are similar to the actual machine. This is the reason that virtual machines are exactly the same as the real machine hardware. Each virtual machine can run different operating systems on the hardware.

Virtual Machine Security:

In virtual machine approaches, each virtual machine is created separately from other virtual machines. So there is no problem with security. The disadvantage of this approach is that it does not have a direct sharing of system resources. Two approaches are used for sharing system resources. Stored (archive) files can be shared on disk by the first approach, but sharing of files, i.e., sharing of physical disks, is implemented by only the software itself. Under the second approach, a network of virtual machines can be defined, in which each virtual machine can send information in Communication Network.

Virtual Machine in Research and Development Area:

The virtual machine system is more appropriate for research and development of the operating system. In the development of the operating system, each programmer is provided with a virtual machine instead of a physical machine, on which they do the task of system development.

Modification is a difficult task in Operating Systems. It is difficult to improve because the operating system is large and have complex programs and the effect of making changes in it anywhere can cause impurities in its other parts. Therefore, the improvements or changes made in the operating system need to be carefully examined. As the operating system runs after the whole machine is controlled. Therefore, the operating system currently running should be stopped and is removed from current use to change or improve and test it. That time is called System Development Time. Since the operating system is unavailable to the user in system development time, it is mostly set in late-night or weekend, at which time the load of the system is low.

Different virtual machines are provided to system programmers to overcome this problem in Virtual Machine System. Therefore, they do not work on system development on the actual physical machine but on their own virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Download:

To download Virtual Box,

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