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People use lots of methods to rank their post or website on the first page of Google search or in any other search engines. This tutorial has detailed information about how you can rank your first page. So read this guide completely and try to apply these techniques in your post to get better ranking.

1. Post Title:

This is the most important SEO factor because more attractive titles get more clicks. This will result in more visits to your post and the rank of your post will increase.

you should also add your targeted keyword in the post title. If possible, put it in the start, otherwise in the middle.
And don't repeat your targeted keyword in the post title more than once.
The length of the title should be between 50 to 70 words.

2. Heading Tags of a Post:

We should use Heading Tags to highlight the headings and important points.

In Wordpress, title tag has already been set to H1 by default. H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 are to be used for every sub-headings.

Don't use the same heading tags multiple time as this can down your search rank.

3. Meta Tags:

You can use your target keyword in the meta description. Remember, in Meta Description, you should always write words which are related to your post so people want to click your post.

Now in Google, the meta description is an additional feature and it is not that necessary. But in other search engines like Bing, the meta description is still advantageous.

4. Image Optimization:

Image Optimization has helps you to get the traffic from Image search.

You should use the keywords in "Image title" and "alt text" as it also helps to increase the rank of your post.

Large image size increases your site's loading speed, which can reduce your Google rank.

You can also compress a large image by using plugins without decreasing the quality of the image. Wp Super Cache for WordPress website is the best free image compressor plugin. You can also use CDN.

5. Best Keyword Density for a Blog post:

We need to keep our keyword density to  1.5%. We should use our main keyword in beginning (first paragraph) or in the end (last paragraph) of the content. 

You can use the main keywords between the content. But do not use it multiple times as it will create difficulty for the reader to read your post.

6. Internal Linking Method:

Internal linking is one of the best options to increase the search ranking. Add links of your published posts to your new posts as it will give you quality visitors.

7. External Linking Method:

This method is very useful. You can also link your post to another website's post but only link the post to any trusted and good website. 

8. Permalink of the Post:

The look of your URL is also an important thing for your On-Page SEO.

Your targeted keywords in your URL, and do not use special characters, commas, brackets, and symbols.

Example of a good permalink:

9. Word Count For a Post:

 The length of your Blog post should be long because it will make your post ranking better.

Always try to write long posts with a maximum number of words. Your posts contain at least 500 words.

10. Write Good And Engaging Content:

There is no trick to write good content. Many people search on Google for tricks and tips but believe me this method is not beneficial.

You have to apply some effort to write a good post. You have to imagine yourself as a reader. When you write the content with effort and knowledge, that content will automatically become interesting and long.

It is a good practice to use the keywords between your post. If you are not writing good content, then the visitors may not visit your site, which affects the ranking of your page.

Hope you get information that you wanted. If you have any query, then ask us in the comment box.

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