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Having a good job is everyone's dream. But to get a good job it is very important to perform well in the interview. It depends on the interview process whether you will get a job or not. Many people do not have sufficient information about how to prepare for an interview and how to crack an interview. In this article, you will find complete information about how to prepare for the interview and get a job.
Job interview preparation

Follow these steps for the better preparation of the interview:

1. Research the company.
2. Study carefully the "Job Description".
3. Match your skills and qualifications to the  Job role.
4. Prepare the Frequently Asked Questions.
5. Do practice or rehearsal for the interview.
6. Ready your Resume and other documents.
7. Decide what to wear for the interview.
8. Investigate the location of the interview before the interview.
9. Prepare your questions for the Interviewers.

1.Research the company:

Research the company

Why should you research the company before the interview?

This is the first and most important step to prepare for the interview.
When you go to interview in a company, you should know the important details of that company because some questions are often asked in the interview like  “What do you know about this company?”. You must know the answer to this question and therefore the research of the company is necessary.

How to "Research the company":

  • The easiest way to research the company is to go to the company's official website and do some digging of the website. Company's official website contains Latest News / Announcements. So before visiting the interview, check the entire website well.
  • Apart from this, check the company's social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check all. Know the culture of the company/organization.
  • If you know someone who is a current employee in the company, then talk to him and get some information about the company.
  • To know about Employers / Recruiters, check their Linkedin profiles.

2. Study carefully the "Job Description":

It is important to know everything about the job role you are going to give an interview for. Companies generally provide the Job description before the interview.
'Job Description' means full details regarding the job, including full information about the designation, reporting, skill, and responsibilities etc. by which the candidate finds out what the company wants in his Employee.

3.Match your skills and qualifications to the  Job role:

After studying JD, the next you have to do is to match your skill sets and qualification to the Job description.
Make a list of your skills, experience, qualification, and knowledge on the basis of job description so that you can focus on these factors and answer well in the interview.

4.Prepare the Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions

In every interview, there are some common questions which are often asked. Like,
Q.1) Tell me about yourself?
Q.2) Why do you want to join this company?
Q.3) Why should we hire you?

So, prepare yourself for these types of questions so you can answer in a better way.

5. Do practice or rehearsal for the interview:

Many people get nervous before the interview. And due to this nervousness, their interview doesn't go very well.
So before going to an interview, it is good to do practice or rehearse to overcome the nervousness and gain some confidence.

You can take help from a family member or friend to prepare for the interview, or you can also practice in front of a mirror.
All the Questions that you think the Interviewer can ask you, practice them well and try to answer them confidentially.

6.Ready your Resume and other documents:

Your Resume/CV is the main reason that you get called for an interview. That's why resume/CV plays an important role in your job hunt. So, make a good resume. And always keep the extra copies of your resume and documents before the interview.

7. Decide what to wear for the interview:

Dress in the Interview
First impression is the last impression. your clothes speak a lot before you speak. And your clothes and your dressing sense helps a lot.
So, select your clothes carefully and try to wear something formal and professional because your dressing reflects your personality.

8.Investigate the location of the interview before the interview:

If you already know the location, then you can get to the interview in time to avoid getting late. You can use Google Maps for location or call the company directly to know about the location/landmark.
Plan how much time it takes you to reach the interview location, so you can leave your house and get to the interview on time.

9.Prepare your questions for the Interviewers:

In the interview, not only the interviewer, but you also get the chance to ask questions. The interviewer can ask you at the end of the interview that 'do you have any questions'. Never give the answer to this question in 'no'.You should always have questions ready for this situation.
But remember never ask about the salaries, bonuses or holidays until Interviewer speaks to himself.

Questions that you can ask interviewer:
Q.1) Tell something about the company's work culture.
Q.2) What is the next step of the Hiring Process?
Q.3) How do I evaluate my performance?

So, these were the important factors about how to prepare for the interview and how to get a job. If we forget or miss something in this article, then let us know in the comment section. Hope you like this article. Keep sharing.

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