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If you are fond of playing games then you must have heard about the graphics card but do you know What is Graphics Card or GPU and what does it work? Stay with us to know, because in this post we will talk about the GPU i.e., the graphics card and you will know what the GPU is all about? And what is its work?
Graphics Card

What is the Graphics Card?

In easy words, graphics are the images and videos running on the computer. Graphics card is also known as GPU, which is full form of (Graphics Processing Unit) and sometimes also called video card.

The work of a graphics card is to process images, videos, games, or any kind of pictures appearing on the computer so that our CPU does not get all the load. The GPU is not similar to CPU because the CPU (i.e., processor) does all the processing of our computer while the GPU only do the works which are related to Graphics. It loads the binary data processed by the CPU into its memory and then processes it and displays it to us.

If you have ever played a game without GPU, then you may have noticed that the game is not able to do so well and lags too. Because only the CPU cannot handle all the work, it needs the GPU for the processing of graphics.

Types of Graphics processing unit:

Generally, there are two types of GPUs which are as follows -

1.Integrated GPU:

Integrated graphics are now found in almost all computers nowadays because it is not much expensive and powerful. We can not purchase them separately because it comes inbuilt in the motherboard or CPU of the computer. This type of GPU does not process a lot of graphics due to its limited processing power. Such GPUs are also seen in mobile phones like Adreno 530 or Mali's G72 etc.

2.Dedicated GPU:

The dedicated graphics processing unit or External GPU are the most used Graphics card or video card. It is available in every form from less powered to more like Nvidia Geforce GTX 1030 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti, dedicated GPUs come in the form of a card that we insert through the motherboards PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express). We mostly use this when we have to do photo editing or gaming at the high end.

What is the purpose of the graphics card?

As we have just known that the GPU's work is related to Computer Graphics, images and videos or any type of picture or graphics that you see on your screen have to be processed. The GPU takes all the data in the form of binary from the CPU or processor and shows it as a graphics or image on your monitor. In other words, the GPU renders the graphics on the display (different colors appearing in the monitor of the graphics) or images. In GPU, parallel processing is used and it is used only for processing graphics so the quality of the graphics can be increased.

By applying the GPU, your computer becomes quite smoother as the CPU does not have to work all the time. GPU comes in terms of both your budget and needs, so many graphics cards are available in the market.

How to Install Graphic Card in Computer?

First of all, let me tell you that installing GPU is very easy. You can do it very easily but here one thing about buying your GPU is that whenever you install a dedicated graphics card in your computer, the integrated GPU of your computer becomes disabled. So the point here is that you have to choose a graphics card with better power than the GPU given in your computer, otherwise your computer's graphics performance will be degraded instead of upgrade. So to install the GPU in your computer, follow the steps given below -

1. First, shut down your computer and disconnect all power sources and also the rest of your peripherals such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

2. Now open the panel of CPU cabinet with the help of the screwdriver. After that, if your computer already has a GPU, then remove it. And if there is no GPU, then look for a slot on the left side of your motherboard in which the PCIe is written.

3. After getting the slot, remove the panel of the CPU cabinet which is in front of the PCIe slot.

4. Now comfortably put your GPU in the computer.

5. Now reconnect all the cables.

How to check Graphics card in Computer?

If you want to know the specification of your GPU, then there is a preinstalled software in your laptop or desktop, so that if you click right on your desktop, you will see its option in the menu. By clicking on which you can learn everything about your GPU and also make some settings in it. But if you do not see the option, then you can follow the given steps below:

1. Use the mouse to Right click on "This PC" or "My Computer" icon on your computer.

2. Now a menu will open in front of you on which you have to find Manage which may be on 2nd or 3rd position.

3. Now a "Computer Management" window will open in which you have to select "Device Manager" on the left side.

4. Now after this there will be a lot of options on the right side, but from this, you have to find "Display Adapter".

5. After that, you have to click on the arrow on the side of the Display Adapter icon, and then you will see the graphics card in your computer.

How Does Graphic Card Work?

There are a Processor and RAM in the GPU to process graphics. The GPU itself is a complete computer that is specially designed to process images. Whenever the CPU gets any work related to image or graphics, it sends its binary to the GPU ram and the GPU processes it and renders it on our monitor and we see that image. So graphics cards improve the performance of the computer.
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