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Sometimes, due to the attractive discounts given on e-commerce websites, users are attracted to online shopping. With this, the trend of users has also increased on the purchase of Apple MacBooks. But before purchasing the MacBook brand new product or its refurbished model, it is important to check that the product you are buying is in what position. That's because you can never make sure that the MacBook you are purchasing is really new or not. Here we are giving you information on what to take care of before buying a MacBook. If you are planning to buy a MacBook, then pay close attention to these.

Take care of these things before buying a MacBook:

First, you have to see the serial number of MacBook. You can see it by going to the "About this Mac" option by clicking on the Apple icon on the right side of the desktop. You need to enter this number by visiting the Apple Check Coverage ( website. After entering this number, you will get other details including the validity of the date of his purchase. If your MacBook is not on, then you can see the serial number on its box too.

When buying a refurbished MacBook, firstly focus on the serial number. This will tell you that the MacBook you took is not theft. If the dealer is not providing you serial numbers then you should not buy it.

Never buy a locked MacBook. If the seller is telling you that they will unlock your MacBook after the full payment, do not buy the MacBook. If you are taking an old MacBook from someone, you can unlock it already. Never buy a locked device because it can be stolen.

When you buy an old or used MacBook, you should check its physical condition. If the MacBook is in a bad condition or damaged then do not buy it.

Before buying an old MacBook, make sure that it does not have any firmware passwords. If you are asked for a password on opening, then it is a firmware password. Remove it by saying it to the cellar or from which you are taking a MacBook.

Check the battery level of the MacBook. For this, you have to go to system information. Here you have to scroll down to the left. Click here to get your power option here. Check the battery serial number and capacity information to know battery authentication. Also, check the Cycle Count for battery life. You will find this option under Health Information.

Check the MacBook's optical drive. You can check it by inserting a DVD that whether its optical drive is working or not. Optical drives are not provided in the new MacBook models.

Find the Disk Utility app in MacBook and run it. This will scan the system and get information on the status of the hard drive. Also, how much storage is available in the MacBook.

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