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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Definition:

VPN (Virtual Private Network), How-to set up, Benefits and Losses, Best VPN's for phone and PC- TechnoPost
The VPN's full form is Virtual Private Network. This is a kind of network used to secure private networks and WiFi. This is a very good technique to prevent hackers so you can transfer your personal data anywhere.
The VPN service is used mostly by traders, organizations, government agencies and people who do online business. So that they could save their data from the hacker without any document leak.
Virtual Private Network secures all types of data whether the data is relevant or not. VPN can be used to secure the data using both computer and mobile. It can transfer your data anywhere without hacking. And you can open any blocked website.

How VPN Works step by step:

When we use the Internet without VPN in mobile, our device works on the local network. so we can be hacked easily by any hacker and besides this, we can not even open the blocked website in our country and when you connect your device to a VPN, it is connected to a special network here. With the help of which you can send your data safely anywhere and open any blocked website.

When the device connects to the VPN and we open a blocked website, the VPN send the user request to the blocked website and all the data on the website is displayed on your device. When your device sends the request for access to the website's server, it sends information of the device by tunneling with another IP address, causing the website's server to be fooled by changing the country, and all the data is displayed in your device.
When there is a VPN setup between you and your client, an Encrypted Convert data file is sent to your client, so that your data is not stolen and VPN system works in this manner.
For example, when the Netflix website did not come to India then people used VPN to access the website. Because it only got access to the US and UK networks. For this reason, on using VPN, we can change our location with another imaginary IP address.

Who should use the VPN?

Whether any business is small or big, we should always take care of security. Today, in this article, we are talking about the online network and business security. In which we have also given you information about the VPN. Now it comes to how to use VPN.
Whenever we are using the Internet from any public WiFi in a hotel, airport and coffee shop, someone can hack out our location and our details and data. But when we use VPN, VPN software hides our device's actual IP address from which no one can track us online.

Many VPN services provide their own DNA Reservation System. Like a DNS book, it makes sense to understand the computer by creating any URL in the Text To URL as the URL of our website "". People who have the knowledge to track the DNS. He can easily hack the data through phishing easily. When we use VPN's DNA system, we have double layer protection and by which our data becomes more secure than ever before.
VPN should be used by people who want personal and professional data safety such as government agencies, online traders etc.
If you use Bit Torrent, you can use a service like TorGuard and NordVPN, where you will find Features like Pear To Pear file sharing and Bit Torrent sharing.

How to use VPN:

Due to increasing demand for VPN service in these few years, there have been so many Fake VPN and Work VPN systems on the Internet, which make people a lot of trouble. If you want to secure your device and your connection. You have to use the right and good VPN system.
Before using the VPN system, you have to start using only with the information mentioned below about the software.

  • Reputation
  • Performance
  • Type Of Encryption Used
  • Transparency
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Extra Features

You do not have to pay for all VPN services. Some software will also be used for free but you will not get unlimited features in it. If you want to use a basic system you can use the Tunnel VPN. It is a Free and Limited VPN service software.

Some VPN software companies give their software free trial, in which you can use the Pro feature. Apart from this, you also get money back guarantee from the company, if you do not get the software feature and security accordingly, you can also request money back from the company. If you want to use such a VPN software then you can use Solid VPN Unlimited software.

Can VPN Service Be Trusted:

When you use a company's internet, you trust its service provider and you also use a system such as Provider F Secure which you can use without considering it. But when you want to send a very important file and document, can you trust their secure system?

I am not a cryptographer, so I can not tell you here how the service providers use the encryption system and 99% of the people in the world do not even have an idea about this. But we also use systems such as Ad Blocking, Firewalls, and Kill Switches to protect our system so that our data can be safe.
Whenever you want to use any VPN service, you should first take that company's privacy policy and Transparency Path. Only then its VPN service should be used. You can use Torgaurd for VPN service. This is great and Trust-Able VPN service company.
It is very important to remember what VPN can and can not do. Here you have to hide your IP but it has to show someone's IP. When you log in to another network, your internet connection becomes slow. You can use the Nord VPN service for this which is a great software to access a specific server.

Fastest VPN:

When we use a VPN service, we have many questions that need to be cleared. Which is the fastest VPN service, it is also a very important question that we should keep in mind. When people use the free VPN. They have a lot of difficulty with low-speed connections. Because of which many users also stop using the VPN.
Now for every type of work, different VPN service is best, just like if you want to use VPN for special gaming. You can use the NordVPN service. It offers you 4k video and streaming and it is a Trusted VPN service that you can use for data transfer.
Some people also use VPN to increase their internet performance, you can use different types of software for which Pure VPN, IPvanish, and Express VPN are all the best and Trusted VPN services. Which helps in improving your internet connection. And you also get high bandwidth information in it.
After Testing, Best and Fast VPN I can advise you to use is "VPN Express" VPN and "IP Vanish" after we can put the entire VPN.

Mobile VPN:

Whenever you are doing banking and any business from your phone, then do not use any public WiFi. If you are using public WiFi then always use VPN service, you will get more security.

We have almost all of our personal data in mobile and VPN service should be used to save your data and personal information from being stolen. So I am suggesting you use VPN service. You should not use the VPN service at all times. You must also use the VPN service when you have to share personal data or send an important document.
You will find VPN service in both Android and IOS, not much software for Windows Phone, because the windows were not much popular. You will also be able to find VPN service in the BlackBerry OS because IOS and Blackberry OS are the most used for business. You will also get a free VPN and Paid VPN on the mobile.
All VPNs are not created for mobile. Many times their service is different. If you want to use VPN for mobile, then you can use the Nord VPN. Keepsolid and Nord VPN are the best VPN service for the iPhone.

Benefits of VPN:

You do not have to make any payment in the free VPN. You can use all the features that you need in a VPN software.
If you want to open a blocked website then you can use VPN application software.
VPN lets you secure your data with hackers.
Paid VPN software makes your data more secure.
In Paid VPN you get full bandwidth so that you can transfer data at high speed.

VPN disadvantages:

If you use Free VPN software then you will have a lot of Ad Show in it.
In VPN software you will get limited bandwidth.
Free VPN for High Confidential data should not be used because it has more chances of leaking your data.

Best VPN Softwares:

On the Internet, you will find many Trial Free and Paid VPN software which you can use on your computer and mobile. so now you may have figured out how VPN systems work. Now I shall give you information about the different types of VPN software in mobile and computer, but before using these, we tell you about some of the best VPN software.

Best VPN Software for PC:

IPVanish VPN: - This is the best VPN for computers that you can use with a 7-day money back guarantee. If you do not like, you can put a request for money back before 7 days. When you buy it, you will get the Feature Plan given below:

  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Access to The World's Fastest VPN
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Zero Traffic Logs
  • Anonymous Torrenting
  • Unlimited P2P Traffic
  • Access To Censored Apps & Websites
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP / IPsec VPN Protocols
  • User Friendly Apps For All Devices
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices
  • 24/7 Customer Support

You have to buy this software online. You can buy it for 1 month, 3 Month and 1 year.

NordVPN: - This is also the best VPN service which is used all over the world. You can buy this for 1 Month, 3 Month and 1 year. With this software you will also get the features mentioned below as well:

  • No Logs Policy
  • P2P Allowed
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Blazing Speeds
  • Easy To Use
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Global Network
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Superfast Servers Everywhere
  • Easiest VPN Ever
  • Friendly Support
  • Kill switch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Double Encryption

PureVPN: - This is also a Best VPN service. In this, you get a multi-login feature from an account. Its best thing is that its helpline is 24 * 7 open. You can always get customer support from this. It has been used by more than 1 million people and according to them, it has all the features that should be in a VPN service. There is also a very good feature in it as given below:

  • Unbreakable Encryption
  • Antivirus
  • Content Filter
  • Web Filtering
  • IKS (Internet Kill Switch)
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • App Blocker
  • Split Tunneling
  • IDS / IPS
  • Multiport
  • Multiple Modes
  • VPN Hotspot
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Wide Range Of Protocols
In this, you get 7-day money back guarantee in which you can see it by using up to 7 days. And if you do not like the software then your money will be returned.

Android Best VPN's :

IPVanish Android: - Regarding the feature of this software, I already told you above all its features for Android, windows is equivalent to the IOS and all other types of OS. You can use it in almost all kinds of OS.

PureVPN: - This software is also the best software for mobile that you can use to secure your mobile data.

Android Mobile Compatible-

Samsung Galaxy Alpha, S6 Edge, Note 4

HTC One Mini 2, M9
Sony Xperia Z3, Compact
Google Nexus 4, 5, 6
... Or Any Other Android Phone
Android Tablets Compatible

Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Note Pro
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
Google Nexus 7, 9, 10
... Or Any Other Android Tablet

You can use VPN service to encrypt data, open block website and secure your data. VPN's can be used almost all in the operating system.

Thank You!

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