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During the launch of the iPhone 10 last year, the company had said that this phone has been built with the Future design in mind and that you will also be able to see this in the upcoming Apple iPhone. In September this year, Apple has launched the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in its launch event. Two out of three iPhones have come to India. iPhone XR still has to come to India. The iPhone XS seems quite like the kind of iPhone 10. We have been using the iPhone's top-line phone iPhone XS Max for a few days. The price of this phone is Rs 1,44,990.
iPhone XS Max

Design and display of iPhone XS Max:

In terms of design, the size of the iPhone XS Max is the same as the iPhone 8 Plus launched last year. In it, you get a 6.5-inch display. So far Apple has not used such a large screen on any other phone. The 6.5-inch display comes with super retina HD display and OLED screen. Apple iPhone XS Max has a splash and water resistor with the IP68 rating. With this, the company has said that this phone is also spill proof. That is, you can drop coffee or any beverage on it. This will not harm the phone. Apple has also claimed that they have given the strongest glass front and back panel so far on the phone. iPhone XS Max is available in three color variants - Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Wireless charging has been given in iPhone XS Max. A decrease in the phone can be said that it has its bottom section. There is a lack of uniformity in it. Two grills have been given on both side of the Lightning Port, but one of them has 7 and the other has 4 openings. But this is not something you can not live with.

The iPhone XS Max's display is also better because it offers more than 3 million pixels here. From video to games, you get Color Accuracy and HDR quality. Photographs taken from this phone also give 60 percent more dynamic range. If the new iPhone does not come with the Home button now, then the option to swipe the finger through the device's bottom is given to switch between the apps.

Performance and User Experience of iPhone XS Max:

iPhone XS Max comes with Apple's latest A12 bionic chip. It has an Apple Next Generation Neural Engine. This makes the phone easy to use real-time machine learning. Apple Tech is one of the world's largest companies that own software and hardware for its own devices. This is also one of the reasons Apple's Devices are stable. The iPhone is not even different from this. It has a 7-nanometer chip and a maximum of 512GB of storage.

Talking about performance, the A12 Bionic Chip helps in keeping battery life as well. According to Apple, the 2 core CPU performance in the chip is 15 percent faster. In the case of gaming, it can be called the best AR gaming device. Those people who are happy to play PUBG on the phone, for them, this device is very good. The iPhone's Notch hides some controls while playing games like PUBG. It can be said a small reduction.

Apple's Advance Machine Learning for AR gamers allows performing 5 trillion operations per second. The neural engine also works to deliver functions like mimosa and stage light in the camera. One of the biggest changes in the iPhone is the dual-sim coming. However, this service will be available sometime later. Therefore, testing of this feature is not currently available.

The battery of iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone XS Max battery runs more than the iPhone 8 Plus. This is also a plus point. With big display and powerful processor, Apple has done some improvements in the battery too. Overall, the iPhone's new hardware works well with iOS 12 experience.

The camera of iPhone XS Max:

On the Internet, People have been making fun of this case that every year similar iPhones are launched and only their camera is better.iPhone XS Max comes with dual camera setup. It has 12MP wide angle and telephoto camera lenses. It has given ISP, neural engine and advanced algorithms. Talking about detection, the pictures taken from the iPhone give the best results.

The iPhone XS Max's camera gives better photo quality even in low-light. It also features a Smart HDR feature that gives highlights and shadows detail to all your photos. However, why Apple was so excited about the depth control feature? Under this feature, you can do depth control after editing the portrait. Earlier this feature has been provided in many smartphones. Apart from camera pictures of the iPhone, video stabilization is also better available. Flickr detect sensor has also been added with the new Quad-LED True Tone Flash.
The hardware used in the camera is f / 1.8 and six-element lenses with 12MP wide angle camera. With it, the telephoto lens comes with f / 2.4 aperture. Both cameras have dual optical image stabilization, optical zoom, video recording etc. 4K videos can be shot from the iPhone XS Max. There are 4 built-in mics in it too. For those who like to click portrait image with the Bokeh effect, the portrait lightning mode is given for them.

True depth camera in iPhone XS Max:

This is the term used for Apple's front camera. The iPhone XS Max is a 7MP True Depth camera which can click pictures in advanced portrait mode. With this, Bokeh, background blur, depth control, and HDR all features are included. This means that the primary camera of the phone can do that front camera also. In addition, the front camera of the phone will also work for Face ID. However, it may be slightly slower than the other available in the market but it is completely safe. Portrait lighting is also given for selfies. It uses a depth map to separate the subject from the background.

Cost of iPhone XS Max:

IPhone XS Max (64 GB): ₹ 1,09,900

IPhone XS Max (256 GB): ₹ 1,24,900

IPhone XS Max (512 GB): ₹ 1,44,900

If you don't have any problem with the price, then this is the best to buy and use.
Thank you!

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