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The search engine Google has completed its 20 years on previous Monday. On this special occasion, in a program organized in San Francisco, Google has announced some new features. After these new features come in, it will be easier to search on Google now.
Google's new feature 'Discover' will make your searches easy and reliable - TechnoPost
According to the reports, an activity card will appear in every Google search, which is just above the Google results. By clicking on that activity card, you will also be able to find what you have previously searched on your topic. In addition, you can also save the information given in the activity card in your collection.

'Google Feed' will be replaced by 'Discover':

With this, Google is going to improve its 'Google Feed' feature. In fact, through this feature, the content of Google's content was made available to you according to your interest. But after the change, now with every new content, you will be told what you are seeing and why are you looking at. There is also a special thing that the content will be available in many languages other than English. It will be named 'Discover' by improving the 'Google Feed' feature.

Google is launching "featured video":

Google will also provide the service of "featured videos". This means that whenever you search a video on Google, Google will show you a preview of the video before its results so that you will be able to watch the required clips according to your need. Google AI will take the help of this. Simultaneously, Google is constantly improving its features in order to provide you as much information as possible when searching for photos.

Apart from this, if you like to know about something in the story format, it is a good news for you because Google is working on increasing the number of story formats like this. These will also include AMP Story.

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