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New Delhi (Tech Desk): Radiation coming from the smartphone can lead to many types of health-related problems. World Health Organization has also set a standard for radiation emitted from mobile phones. If radiation exits above that standard, then your mobile phone can be a threat to your life. Today we are going to tell you about the smartphones involved in the list released by the German Federal Office of Radiation Protection, which gives the highest radiation.
Xiaomi M1 emits maximum radiation,Bad smartphone for health,What is SAR? - TechnoPost

What is SAR?

If you have recently purchased a smartphone or a mobile phone, then you can find information about that phone's SAR (specific absorption rate). The specific absorption rate (SAR) in India has been kept at 1.6 W / Kg. It is also measured in kilograms of a watt when somebody is called or kept away from the ears of a person.

These smartphones give the maximum radiation:

iPhone 7 Plus The rate of radiation emitted from this smartphone is 1.24, which is less than the fixed standard. The radiation rate from OnePlus 5 is 1.39 while the Huawei GX8 is 1.44, Nokia Lumia 630 to 1.51, Huawei Mate 9 to 1.64, OnePlus 5T to 1.68 and Xiaomi Mi A1 to 1.75 watts per kilogram radiation, which in India is more than the fixed standard.

The lowest radiation comes from these smartphones:

ZTE Blade A910 to 0.27, 
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 0.26, 
Samsung Galaxy S8 + 0.26,
 Google Pixel XL 0.25, 
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + 0.22,
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to 0.17,
 and Sony Xperia M5 to 0.14 radiation.

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