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There are some new discoveries and specialty in it, but there are some discoveries that are the key to changing the world's picture. Graphene can prove to be such a material, which has recently been announced for the Nobel Prize for the scientists who have been searching. What is special in Graphene and how and for which changes can be made.
What is Graphene? Its History, Applications and Benefits - TechnoPost

A graphene is a form of carbon and it is a material 2d (substance). Now how is this material 2D, it is such that this material does not have thickness. It is just a flat layer of an Atom. And it has been considered as the world's strongest material. Even more than 100 times stronger than steel. And the biggest thing is that its weight is not exactly the same. Its 1 Square Meter sheet weighs 0.77 Gms.

And it Highly Conductive, by which it can transfer Heat Energy and Electrical Conduction with 0% Loss. And its Flexibility is very high by which it can be stretched very easily. And there are so many features in this material that we can not imagine that this material can change the whole world in a way because there is so much feature in it that it can be used everywhere in every field.

Physics researchers of the United Kingdom, Andrei Jim and Constantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for Graphene Research. Graphene is believed to be a charismatic material for the coming time. Graphene is a very thin sheet of carbon, which is just as thick as a molecule. This material is almost transparent. As well as being very strong, it is also a good conductor of electricity. Due to these qualities scientists have great expectations from this material.

Indeed, life on Earth is based on carbon. All living things are made of carbon. A human body has 18.5 percent carbon. Not only for the birth of life, but we also need carbon for life. From coal to diamonds, many forms of carbon are in front of us. Carbon is also associated with some form of medical and physiological research in the world. Due to the growing potential of carbon in industrial and technical use, the scope of research in this area has increased.

How Graphene Prepared:

Scientists have long been investigating the small forms of carbon from the past. In 1985, the researchers found the shape of a carbon ball like a ball, which they named the Buckyballs. After six years, scientists began experimenting with carbon tubes of nanotubes. But scientists were not able to understand any way to make the thinnest sheet of carbon. He did not have any such tool, so that anything could be thin as a molecule. They also could not make a layer of carbon through any chemical reaction. Simm and Novoselov, two researchers from the Russian origin of Manchester University, stamped the tape on a piece of graphite in 2004 and started stripping them again and again. The first layer of carbon came back to repeat this process, which was named Graphene.

Graphene has Something Special:

Today Graphene has become the favorite nanomaterial for everyone. Now the question is, what is the matter in Graphene that everyone is running behind it? How graphene is beneficial for us and what changes will it make in our lives? Some research centers in the world are trying to find answers to these questions.
The first use of graphene can be computer chips. The chips currently being used are based on silicon. It is considered to be a good material, but now we are approaching the peak of its potential. If the speed and power requirements of computers continue to grow, silicon will reach its peak. Graphene's electrons run at speeds of 100-1000 times faster than silicon. This means that graphene-based computers will require less power. 

Researchers have succeeded in creating fast-paced graphene transistors. Now they have created a transistor from Graphene, which can do three types of functions simultaneously in wireless communication. In these traditional circuits, three different transistors are needed for these tasks. Further to these three-way transistors, more compact chips can be made to send and receive wireless signals. This will allow more space in smartphones such as portable devices.
Because the movement of graphene at the Atomic level is absolutely perfect, the movement of the electrons is easily done in it. This material room can do better electrons than other substances on the template. An American University professor Nanshilan Tao has studied the basic properties of graphene. According to Tao, graphene-based chemical sensors can be used to find explosives in the luggage etc. One of the characteristics of Graphene is that it can turn any chemical reaction into an electronic signal.

Strongest material:

In 2008, Columbia University scientists proved that graphene is the strongest substance in the world.  Graphene's unique strength can also be used to make compounds. Composite materials made after the addition of graphene in other substances can be used to prepare strong and lightweight products. They range from aircraft to tennis racquets.
There are already many tests going on for the use of different forms of carbon and some of them have started to be used. For instance, 50 percent of the new Boeing 787 is made from carbon fiber. This makes the aircraft more lightweight and uses fuel more economically. But now more light and strong carbon fiber can be made of graphene. It will be possible to make a more light and strong aircraft. This new form of carbon will reduce the weight of the aircraft.

Now let's talk about some daily life applications of Graphene:

If anything is painted by adding graphene,  then there is a car, anything that gets rusted, if it is painted with it then that thing will always prove to be rust-proof, it will never get corrosion.

2. Water Filter
Its look is similar to a trap in appearance but it does not look like the water, but if you see it generally, you cannot see holes in it with your naked eye. But it contains holes, with the help these holes it can filter water.

3.Speaker and Mic
Graphene is what it can work like Diaphragm. And when it comes to Electrical Energy, it will produce very good quality sound. And it will be a very good sound in a very small earphone.

4. Artificial muscle
As I have already mentioned that this is very flexible. Flexibility will be very useful or I can say beneficial in making Artificial muscles.

5. Super Capacitor
The supercapacitor is a technique with the help of which you charge your phone for only 5-10 minutes and then use it for 10-15 days, it will not need to charge it again and again. These capacitors will be used in place of batteries and You will get a new feature of Fast Charging.

6. Flexible Electronic
When Graphene is used in electronic components, their size will also decrease, and the heating problem will be reduced, and the speed of our computer or mobile will also be very much.

Now you may have come to know what Graphene is and how and what is it works.
Hope you like this piece of information.

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