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How to play PUBG like a champion: A survival guide

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a classic battle royale game where around hundred players parachute from a plane on an island in the game. When they have alighted, the players need to search for the weapons, gears and even clothes in their efforts to fight and survive in the game. The last-one-standing wins and gets to eat ‘Chicken dinner’ (virtually, of course). So how does this popular game work and what are the key highlights and strategies of the game? There are things you should know before your feet land on the ground.

In this guide, we are going to tell you the best survival tips which can keep you alive and get the winner crown.

1. Prepare your network

As we all know, PUBG is an online game which requires a reasonable network speed, especially the ping (latency). The lower the ping, the better will be your responses in the game. For that matter, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi as mobile networks do not have stable speed. Anything above 2Mbps and 10ms ping will serve your purpose.

2. Prepare your smartphones

Different smartphones have got different set of hardware and PUBG is a demanding game, so, your phone needs to be at its best. Kill all the apps running in the background, turn off the power saver, data saver, and auto-brightness to get the best experience. Those having a slow network connection or old smartphones might want to go to the ‘Settings’ of the game and lower the graphics for a lag-free gaming experience.

3.Use headphones that have got a microphone

PUBG is a real-time game where you can communicate with your teammates while playing to and plan your strategies. For that, clear audio is compulsory. Apart from that, this can also help you in spotting nearby enemies and the direction they are coming from by the sound they make with their feet.

4.Understand your lobby and other settings

The first thing which we see when we start the game is the lobby. The lobby is where you can change a handful of settings, organize and connect with your friends, manage inventory, claim rewards, change servers, build teams, change controls, select games modes and maps.

5.Learn from your mistakes

If you are new to the game, it is recommended to start with ‘Solo’ mode and then move to the ‘Duo’ and ‘Squad’. Playing independently will give you confidence and help in developing your strategies to survive the game.

6.Land as fast as possible

Reaching to the ground before other players are important as it will allow you to collect your gears and weapons before others and reach a safe point. There’s only one problem here. Other players can also aim for the same location to land and in that case, be prepared to navigate your parachute to some other direction and land a little far from others.

Tip: To start with, land at a place which lies a bit outside the coordinates of the plane. This might result in a bit less loot, but that you can collect later in the game.

7. Keep a check on the circle

We have mentioned above about the blue energy circle that consumes the health of the players caught in it. Make sure to keep yourself inside the blue as well as the white ring. By tapping the map in the right corner, you can check at any time whether you or your teammates are within that circle or not. If not, then try to get inside it as soon as possible by running or using any vehicle. The circle has also got a dedicated timer after which it will start damaging your health if you are inside it. As the game progresses, the circle keeps on getting smaller, drawing every player inside it which brings you closer to your enemies.

Circle 1: 5 minutes

Circle 2: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Circle 3: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Circle 4: 2 minutes

Circle 5: 2 minutes

Circle 6: 1 minute 30 seconds

Circle 7: 1 minute 30 seconds
Circle 8: 1 minute

8.Survive the combat

In case you are stuck in the ‘Red Zone,’ there are two things you can do – either kill everyone else or go stealth. If you are so confident and want to go blood-for-blood, then that’s fine, but it’s an open world game and anyone can be anywhere and you don’t know that. So the best way is to go stealth and wait it out as your opponents kill each other. There are many ways you can do that:

-- Use bushes, trees, rocks or houses for that matter to hide

-- Go prone or crouch

-- Keep moving slowly

-- Apply energy packs or painkillers to increase endurance

-- Use armor and helmet (recommended is Lvl 2 or above)

9. Choose your guns wisely

The game includes lots of firearms such as pistols, SMGs, rifles, snipers, shotguns, grenades, smoke grenades and more. Choose them based on your strategy. If you are planning to stay off the shore, a sniper or rifle with 4X or 8X zoom will be recommended along with a pistol and another rifle or SMG such as AKM or a TommyGun.

10.Communicate with your teammates in Squad or Duo mode

Talk to the players on the team and discuss the situations and plan to implement it in a better way. Use the coordinates to tell them the enemies’ location that you’ve spotted.

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